Kind words from our valuable customers

Brite Bytes has been the internet service provider for Stuefen Research LLC for over four years. The service has provided a fast home for my business website and a reliable email address upon which I can count. I very much appreciate Brite Bytes efforts to provide a service that has met or exceeded my needs and expectations.

Randy S., Stuefen Research

Brite Bytes has diligently maintained the servers for my Web Development Company since 2006. It is not possible to overstate the brilliant service we've received from them. Support requests are cared for within minutes -- and their expedience is matched in equal measure by competence and professionalism.

Nathan M., Herkimer, LLC

Brad and his team always go further than they need to - rather than simply saying "the problem isn't on our end" they'll explain the technicalities behind the issue (in language I can understand), offer alternative resolutions, and walk you through how to fix it. This is huge for a guy like me who is essentially his own IT department - any small business owner will know and thoroughly appreciate what I'm talking about.

Curt W., Aerialscapes Inc.

Working with Brad and the team at Brite Bytes has been a great experience. They have always responded to our company’s questions or concerns quickly and professionally. We have not come across a situation where they did not have the expertise to provide a complete and satisfactory solution.

Eliot B., Great Dane Pub & Brewing Co.

Brite Bytes is my favorite, and only host, that I recommend to my clients. Their prices and services are excellent and their tech support is above and beyond any company I've ever worked with. I've never been disappointed with them, and would heartily recommend them to any business looking for a reliable host.

E.M., EMGraphics.com

I've been a loyal customer of Brite Bytes for quite a few years now and their level of professionalism and attention to the customer's needs never ceases to amaze me. I had used quite a few other hosting companies in the past, but since I've been with Brite Bytes my up time is very close to 100%, their hosting packages deliver excellent value for the money, and their servers are top-notch. Brite Bytes meets and exceeds all of my web hosting needs. The staff at Brite Bytes is friendly, very knowledgeable, and they are willing to "go the extra mile" to make sure that everything is perfect. I highly recommend Brite Bytes to anyone looking for reliable, high-quality web hosting.

Clarence Coogan, BWDG, Inc.